Thursday, 8 July 2010

Goony Island's Going To The Next Level

Loki Eliot, leader of the SL Goonies and co-founder the steampunk city New Babbage is turning his much loved Goony Island homestead into a full sim, designed to be the best place to play an adventurous kid in Second Life.

The sim will be full of imaginative builds by Loki whose previous work includes the fondly remembered Childhood Dreams Dome from SL5B, the Nostradamus spaceship from SL6B and the House of Pips from Burning Life '09, as well as engaging builds by other creative child avatars inspired by Loki's work.

As you know, I'm already signed up and planning to build a living spaceship with a story to tell buried under the beach...

The island will be host to many mysteries and quests, similar to Loki's the Babbage Chronicles: Shadow of the 13 from January this year, which was a highly successful mixture of solving clues across the city and interacting with live roleplay that went down extremely well in the Steamlands. It will also be a hub for adventurous SL kids to find things to do across the grid. Loki's has created an example 'day in the life' story, Data's Day, to preview the experiences of someone roleplaying a child avatar living on the upgraded island.

The new island is to be split into zones that match the interests of Loki and many adventurous SL kids. The front of the island will remain as the original Nemo Beach and Hawkins Bay now joined by a mysterious mountain, the sides of the island are split into steampunk and pirate themed areas, while the centre is a rickety town build by kids from whatever they found to hand.

As well as rentals in pre-built cabins, shacks and tree houses, there are also full parcels for imaginative builders who want to contribute to the adventurous theme and stories told on the island. Loki sees these plots as more than just a place to live or a build a shop, but more like SL Birthday and Burning Life plots where the owners' creativity can run wild to create something engaging and memorable in a small space.

Due to popular demand, Loki has today added two more steampunk plots and two more pirate plots, although one of these has already been reserved.

To find out more, visit the new sim's website or visit the in world presentation and 3D map.

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