Tuesday, 23 November 2010

New Babbage: The Monster Attacks

Recently a statue with a beating heart was dug up in the steampunk city of New Babbage (where I play a street urchin), on bonfire night we discovered that somehow it had been ripped open from the inside and since then my friends Jimmy, Zaida and Gadget had all been attacked by a monster they said looked like a giant blood covered baby. In hopes of stopping the monster from attacking anyone else, Gadget set up a trap to capture it. Since then we've all been guarding the trap waiting for the Beast of Babbage to arrive...

Waiting for monsters

We had been up for hours staring at the trap and nothing had happened. No sign of monsters or anything. It was quiet, almost too quiet. We were both falling asleep, but then I saw a mysterious cloaked figure jumping out of an alley way in the distance and ran after him...

A mysterious hooded man warns us of danger
 "What are you boys doing here?" he asked.

I told him we were trying to capture a scary monster that looked like a big blood covered baby shouting for flesh.

"So this is how New Babbage solve their problems, by sending boys out to capture monsters?" he asked.

"The rest of them don't believe there is a monster," I told him, "they're just playing along really. But I trust the ones that saw it, three of my good friends." I straightened up and made myself look tough, "We've got to look after ourselves!"

"You poor things, if only someone in this retched place knew what they were dealing with."

"You believe it then?"

"Oh I believe in it all right."

"Do you know what the monster is? If you don't mind me asking."

"It is a creature that feeds on flesh of others, it is a creature that cannot die."

"How do we stop it then? Can we cage it up?"

"Only the strongest of cages will hold the creature for it has the strength of 10 men."


"And boys like you should not be out alone on the streets trying to capture it."

"I'm not alone, Gadget's here! There's been a whole bunch of us, safety in numbers."

The hooded man turned away. "The sun is rising, and i have need to be somewhere else," he said. Then he started striding away from me.

"Can you tell us what we can do to fight it? Or trap it?" I shouted after him. "Does it have a weakness? Stuff it doesn't like?"

He turned back, "you would do well to heed my warnings children, you are not safe on these streets, nor any who have no fighting skills." And then he turned the corner.

"Wait!" I shouted after him, "Who are you mister?" But he was gone.

...and then I realised that my shouting had drawn something's attention... up above me in the ruins of Loki's old shop, directly above the mysterious statue, something pink and bloody was scratching around!

Gadget had fallen asleep, but I shook him awake and pointed to the beast.

The monster appears and chases me
Suddenly the beast dived right at me, moving like lightening! I pushed Gadget out of the way and ran! It was right behind me, gnashing its teeth trying to bite my ankles but I was managing to stay out of its reach.

It was bloody scary and I wanted to get far away, but I knew I needed to lure it back to the trap! Thinking fast, I ran around the block and led it back to the trip wire and bait!

I lead it back to the trap which briefly slows it down
It seemed to briefly get caught in the trap so we moved a little closer, Gadget went to the camera and managed to take a photograph, while I tried to trick it into going for the decoy puppy bait, getting tied up by the snare and caught in the net.

It seemed like we might have it, but then suddenly it pulled free, and before I could think to move it was leaping through the air!

It jumps the rope, ignores the bait and goes straight for me!
I turned to run but it was already on top of me, making noises like the lunatics shout from the windows of the asylum! I ran but it nipped at my ankles! I shouted to warn Gadget and kicked at it, but then it grabbed my leg and sunk its teeth right into me, ripping out a chunk of flesh!

I nearly passed out it hurt so much! There was blood everywhere, it was horrible! It was shouting "YUM!" Gadget ran at it and fired his slingshot and I think I passed out.

Gadget's slingshot drives the monster off but not before a big chunk is taken out of my leg!
Next thing I know I hear Gadget shouting for help over and over. I'm in a puddle of blood, my leg looks so bad, I don't want to look. Gadget is shouting, making a hell of a racket. I was just cold and bloody terrified. I don't know where the monster went. Gadget must've got rid of it.

Eventually help arrives...
After Gadget made so much noise, a whole crowd of people arrived. I don't remember much of it, I wasn't thinking right. I just remember lots of people asking what happened and being really really cold. That archaeologist bloke Mr Blindside was telling me not to bleed on his dig and blaming escaped animals from the circus. Mr Canis was trying to help me with my wound and my grammar. The others were trying to find a doctor or a hospital while Mr Canis tied his cravat around my wound. Bloody hell it hurt!

Eventually Mr Blindside left to talk to the mayor saying he was an archaeologist not a doctor and they should bury me for a thousand years if they wanted him to be helpful. Giving up on finding a medical doctor, Sky Netizen, Scottie Melnik and Maltheus Canis decided to take me to the free clinic and treat me themselves.

Emergency medicine in the New Babbage free clinic
Mr Canis cleaned and disinfected my wound, it hurt like hell. I had to be very brave. I'm glad Gadget was there. He put a proper dressing on it and tied one of those tourniquet things.

More people had arrived, Zaida and LaughtonMcCry were there asking how I was. I was nearly passing out from pain it was so bad. Mr Melnik went to the counter and came back with a needle. Gadget and Zaida were scared he might be hurting or poisoning me, but the grown ups said it was morphine, a wonder drug that would take my pain away and make me feel really good. So I grit my teeth and let him jab me with it.

I would still need stitches, rest and my dressings replaced, but until then I had morphine
Pretty soon I was feeling better, that morphine is good stuff but they wouldn't let me have any more right away! Mr McCoy gave me a cup of hot cocoa instead, which was alright. They told me I was going to need to have my wound cleaned and redressed and a proper doctor would have to stitch it up so it heals properly.

I remembered the monster and told them they we have to catch it! I told them all about it, how scary it was. Gadget and Zaida agreed and showed them the picture Victor drew. The grown ups were finally taking us seriously!

They told me that I had to rest though, that my leg was worse than it felt. I wanted to go back to the hideout and barricade the place up to hide from the monster, but they insisted I'd have to stay close, stay in the warm and near a doctor. I was worried it was so near to where the monster had bit me, but Gadget said he'd stay by my bed and guard me until the doctor showed up.

I had to rest and keep my leg dry and warm, so I slept in the clinic while Gadget stood guard
While I was drifting off I swear I heard someone saying he'd give me 12 hours to live with a wound like that. Maybe I imagined it though, I'm feeling pretty good! Can I have more of that morphine stuff yet?

( Gadget's photograph and his side of the story can be found here )

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